The depth of decryption WeChat crazy read crazy plus powder trick

two years ago, when WeChat public number at the beginning, I decided to continue to do independent blog, in the wild rose pink, who can not see WeChat how much power, explore the profit way we are in the dark.

two years later, he has a number of millions of fans of the public WeChat, hundreds of millions per month through the network to make a single. I don’t believe it, because I have not seen, do not know how to pick a single, I only know most webmaster through advertising alliance earn tens of thousands even if good, earning hundreds of thousands have super than I to "make money" cognition.

and today, when he told me about his profit model, I did it again, and thousands of fans had more than 1 thousand of the public’s income.

I’m so sorry, I missed it.


is now engaged in WeChat’s so hot, but earn a few, this is a fact, because Lu Songsong knows that the Sun online income article is usually false, public income is false, they are fooled you join in, pay agency fees.

but their friends sun will not leave, and this is the people, hear how others, usually do not believe, but sniff at, when a friend developed feeling is not the same, how many have some envy and hate, regret why not listen to


Daniel hidden in the city, I have been such a point of view, this is not a weekend when about to do a friend’s dinner to WeChat, this article referred to as YJ, also intends to learn more about the market, learning experience:


watch others earn money, sellers sell a lot of money every day in the screenshot, why don’t you think I have a few pounds? Your public number a few fans, watching people private WeChat, WeChat marketing do a fart.

you are not even fans, began to do micro business? Agent can do strange sellers?.

this is the core point of the meal: WeChat to make money, fans is the key!

well, one hundred kilometers back and forth, people eat a meal in order to these 10 words, the value of it?

this, this article should be over, I want to say is this sentence. The article should be the end of this, but a point YJ and I recognized: even if you write again and again dry cargo material, really do not more than ten, you don’t have to worry about.

WeChat rose powder barbaric era has passed, so the cost of the fans is getting higher and higher, at first a few hundred dollars to do a few fans to find a few large belt area can get tens of thousands of fans. The ability of the people, only to their own, and disdain to give people with powder.

why do WeChat powder increasingly high cost? The most important reason is the micro signal registered in more and more difficult, the original QQ, the mail can be easily registered a number of QQ, the mail can be unlimited application, and now.

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