net domain names are also expected to transfer millions of Cars net car

news June 23rd, the automobile has become the people to travel travel tools, automotive website establishment and development of the correlative domain name, domain name suffix NET recently car for $170000 about 1 million 100 thousand yuan sales.

The domain can access, web page appears is a picture, the current site yet to provide services, Cars is the plural form of the word Car, can be translated into cars, cars and other means, the domain name at a glance can make users understand the meaning of the domain name, web site operators into the automobile service station site is vivid.

At present,

Cars has already been registered the domain name suffix of the other should, among them, domain name has website operation, website is a kind of automobile information network, Cars two CN domain names currently has become the domain object lovers collection, registered in 1995, has been 16 years of registration time.

foreign market of automobile domain name is worth a lot of money, a lot of automobile domain the high transaction case, such as automotive creative domain name in domain name for $110000 transaction, domain name in a $40000 deal, the possibility of anecdotal buyers of crown car is very high.

on the domestic market of automobile as the value of a good domain name, especially auto Larry domain in higher domestic value, so before the Shenzhou’s car to buy website Cai Wensheng Larry, Thousand Oaks company car asked Larry domain, and enable the launch quiz website, in addition, the domestic car companies in the Pacific overseas success the car purchased the domain name, PCAuto set of domain name gathered so far.

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