Baidu Technology nnovation Conference held Robin Li push box computing concept

August 18th morning news, today the theme of "Baidu Technology Innovation Conference, you start from the new world" held in Beijing Chinese Hotel, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li issued a "Box Computing" platform of ideas and concepts in the general assembly.

Robin Li said, "Box Computing" to provide users with one-stop services based on Internet, is one of the most Simple and Reliable Internet demand interactive mode, as long as the user in the box input service demand, the system can clearly recognize this demand, and this demand is assigned to the treatment provider application or content resources optimal, finally return the matched results to the user.

apparently, Robin Li talked about the box, is no longer simply refers to a simple user UI interface, nor is it referring to Baidu’s search box". Specifically, what does "box computing" mean?

Box Computing driven industrial upgrading

first, the "box" is a powerful demand collector and analyzer. Before Robin Li put forward the concept of "box computing", in fact, personal computers, the Internet has a variety of computing box, dictionary box, dialog box, search box…… But these kinds of "boxes" are only meaningful in a particular context. For example, dictionary box, the user has to get the word meaning, only in the input box content; similarly, other needs in the dictionary user input box, the user dictionary box is also any meaningful feedback to be. And Robin Li referred to the box calculation of the box, the user can enter any type of demand, in a sense, this box is omnipotent, and therefore must be smart.

secondly, because the box can be automatically selected in the Internet within the scope of the user needs to automatically match the best applications and services, this box with a typical operating system features. Like Microsoft’s windows operating system, you can run a variety of applications such as Office, browser, antivirus software. At present, the dictionary, calculator, calendar and other simple applications can run directly through the Baidu box, video, antivirus, games, shopping and other Internet applications in recent years may also be launched directly if the frame, more and more applications can really "box calculation" in the platform running on the "box" will have a great driving effect and upgrade the development of the entire Internet industry.

The key technology of

"box computing" — requirement identification and application open

box computing platform sounds very magical, and through the box computing to achieve a true one-stop service based on the Internet, there are two key technologies in the field need to break through.

is the first breakthrough in the field of requirements recognition. The so-called " ", is the demand; identification; determine the user what to do for him what the Internet, this is a field of Internet Science and most complex and technical content, including the following semantic analysis, behavior analysis, intelligent human-computer interaction, massive computing and other fields. To >

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