Talking about the importance of using the network to promote the brand

we Chinese often to modest, unassuming, virtue is a middle course, also in the operation of enterprises, the majority of entrepreneurs have long believed in the "sell themselves", "the emperor married his daughter to worry about" business principles. But today, in such an era of information explosion, such business philosophy has obviously some outdated. A business, if you can’t make their products or services over a large number of competitors, talent shows itself it seems doomed to fail, but what about the development of Japan, after the.

to change the present situation, enterprises should grasp the two degree of visibility and reputation. These two dimensions are the evaluation of the brand characteristics of the two important dimensions. Only good visibility, although you can allow consumers to understand your business, product, service or brand, but can not cultivate consumers loyal degree, but can not generate lasting purchasing power, therefore, must enhance the reputation of good foundation in visibility, sustainable enterprises can fast healthy development.

With the rapid development of Internet in China,

has been recognized by more and more businesses. From the introduction of the latter half of the 1990s, the beginning of the explosive growth and the beginning of the twentieth Century, the Internet business has entered a stable and rapid development period. Along with the network information technology, network has become the life and work of one of the most important platform for a time, the merchants, the alliance, various organizations have started to carry out the publicity and promotion of the use of the Internet media platform, such as website hard advertising and search engine. Theoretically speaking, the advantage of network advertisement has obviously: one is that it can make the advertisement has very strong observability, for example, the use of film, three-dimensional form of all aspects of product appearance, performance and use of information and vivid image display in front of consumers.

two is that it can interact with consumers to attract consumers to pay attention to this ad, the greater advantage of online advertising can also be forced to watch consumers, such as pop-up ad. In this case, the advertising penetration rate is very high, but hard the advantage of network advertising theory does not show up in the process of practice, the consumer advertising form almost cold and even resentment, there are a lot of reasons, but the most important reason is the characteristics of the network itself.

China’s Internet from the beginning of the introduction of the current high-speed development, has been in a period of rapid growth. But it is also a double-edged sword, in the rapid development of the network at the same time, also brought some problems, such as false information spread to cover, affected by this, the network is very easy to do brand promotion, but to make it impossible. Because consumers have some kind of propaganda model of psychological conflict. Therefore, in order to make the reputation in the Internet, we must find a new advertising model, this model can abandon the Internet advertising in the dissemination of the disadvantages, give full play to the Internet this new media platforms.


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