What do you know about the routine of product manager

believes that every product manager has its own set of work flow, the following is the product of my personal work routine, as a product manager for you, look at what are the details of the process you ignore, also welcome to supplement (do not spray).


a, purpose

unified product personnel workflow specification, and the process of the various aspects of the standardization of operational guidelines to achieve standardization of product development.

two, scope of application

Product Manager

three, job responsibilities

3.1 user needs analysis

3.2 market demand analysis, screening in line with the needs of the company’s strategic operations

3.3 to develop business processes, product features, and use case descriptions

3.4 draw front / back prototype

3.5 write interactive notes

3.6 project management (R & D investment, progress tracking)

3.7 product testing and acceptance

3.8 product preach, for example: the use of products such as

3.9 write product specification

3.10 assist operators to solve the problems during the operation of the product

3.11 product operation data analysis to optimize the product

four, workflow

market research, demand analysis, product design, product development, product acceptance, on-line promotion, product operation, product iteration


five, all aspects of the work of the product content

5.1 product research

research the market, understand customer needs, competitive conditions, the company’s existing resources, etc., to explore potential opportunities in the industry.

Market Research in the following ways:

1) communicate with users and potential users (questionnaire, user interviews, etc.)

2) communicate directly with the customer’s operating colleagues (such as operations, investment, customer service, etc.)

3) research industry market analysis report and article

4) competitive analysis

5) product operation data analysis

deliverables: "Research Report" "BRD business requirements document"

5.2 needs analysis

complete product definition, sort out what products need to do, including the following letter

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