Mochizuki blog speaking from the ice Black Tea and a bottle of marketing

blogger bought a bottle of 3.5 yuan uniform ice Black Tea last night, is a kind of canned, very is! Why do you say that, because the general small canned ice Black Tea to 2.5 yuan, plus one yuan can add about half the amount, if playing out to buy a bottle of it resistance to drink. Another I love love is willing to buy ice Black Tea ultra high winning rate series drinks, you usually buy 5 bottles of drinks in uniform will probably a bottle, this is not, I buy the tank in the last night of 3.5 yuan ice Black Tea a cover opening found a bottle, it can not be said to be a surprise, unified marketing activities also cultivate the habit of unity I bought.

unified again a bottle of activity really brought them a large number of consumers, a lot of other drinks also learn the winning event, but not


have unified do well, the main reason is the unity of the winning rate high, like Pepsi Cola, Coca-Cola, Tingjin’s Orange Juice and so on are not so high winning rate, and like Mirinda simply set up online integration system, these are not the love of consumers, consumers love is another bottle". So if the introduction of e-commerce this one bottle concept is not the same with the same product will increase the market share of the effect of


e-commerce friends all know, in the electronic commerce activities are popular bundling, free shipping, how much to buy less, seckill, and these activities do not make you want to occupy more market consumers, but can only let you sell more products and get more products from the enterprise perspective is to do more of the products can discount sales more profit. But from a profound point of view, the consumer groups of enterprise products is relatively fixed, and the development of a consumer to buy your product habits is a relatively perfect strategy.

For example,

lingerie industry, the whole industry has a lot of brands, such as love, maniform, Ttiumph, Wacoal, yisiaila, Cosial and so on, these are domestic underwear in the high-end brands, online price is often between 100-200, and the general consumer groups, they are often around the age of 25-32 in high income, but also is this kind of crowd is relatively fixed, especially online shopping, online shopping can, at the age of 25-32 in high income is relatively fixed. Now, you want to do e-commerce marketing, you must choose the suitable marketing plan, if starting from the point of view, do you buy bundling or do much much less full, so during the sales might buy products consumers love to see you have run activities to buy your products to. But when you do not love activities, consumers still buy love, but you to customers is relatively fixed, and not because of your marketing activities increased. But when you make the marketing campaign to grab the consumer’s activities, it is powerful, you can love, Ttiumph, Manifen’s consumers have become yours, such as: "another bottle" >

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