Talk about the hottest O2O business model from the 11

O2O entrepreneurial vocabulary is undoubtedly one of the most popular words in the field of Internet entrepreneurship, there are many O2O companies born in the wave of the Internet, there are countless O2O company and therefore died. How should we look at today’s hottest O2O business model?

when the big screen digital frames in 57 billion 100 million, 2014 double 11 Shopping Festival Ali ended. 57 billion 100 million of the total turnover of the wireless side of the contribution of 24 billion 300 million, accounting for more than, in 2013 the proportion of wireless terminal was 15.3%, the growth rate of almost two times. This is a surprising and intriguing figure, it also means that China’s business model will be how to change?

2014 11 broke the record again Ali, compared to last year’s turnover of 35 billion 100 million, not too much growth, but the growth rate of the wireless side is a problem: O2O spring is really coming.

in addition to taxi car rental application, like a raging fire, the service life of O2O has been in unbroken infancy, why even BAT group are not bursting the last layer of the soil? The main reason is that the user base of mobile payment is not enough, with the mobile terminal shopping habits have not been trained. And after a year of WeChat red envelopes and taxi subsidies to promote the growth of the number of mobile payment users explosive growth, and thus created a stunning performance of this year’s 11 wireless terminals. Mobile payment is the most critical node O2O in closed loop, for small and micro businesses in terms of the formation of user habits that line shop is no longer online store experience mobile payment, but the electricity supplier shopping point. Take the garment industry, the line of stores in recent years has been plagued by "business shop experience" the curse, if these small and micro businesses have their own O2O shopping mall, online users can understand the selection, customization, and payment experience to the next line pick up, thus avoiding the shortcomings of traditional electricity supplier without a sense of reality the. Online shopping mall O2O took the lead to solve this problem, and up to 260 thousand small and micro businesses are using.

2015 at the end of 11 is coming soon, I recommend

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