Zhengzhou about 95128 of the first day of running car fans exceeded the number of 20 thousand

accompanied by a series of taxi software in the rise of the market, for the majority of people’s lives to provide a great convenience, but also for their own to create a considerable wealth of income. Henan’s first official taxi about car platform, Zhengzhou about car 95128 official trial run. According to reports, as of yesterday, the number of taxi drivers to install software to break 10 thousand people, the number of WeChat public number of fans broke through the number of 20 thousand people in 95128. The following and small series of specific understanding.

Four kinds of

service called car mode to meet the needs of passengers

it is understood that the "Zhengzhou car about 95128 platform at present for the market launch of the four car, respectively, APP, WeChat 95128 phone and smart bus stop.

According to the staff of the

passenger management office, the current WeChat called the car should be the most convenient in four ways, passengers simply by focusing on WeChat public number "95128", click on the lower right corner of the "I want to ride" button, enter the cab interface, follow the steps to complete the fast car.

and passengers do not want to cry by WeChat public car, can also through the application of treasure store download page, complete about 95128 car (passenger version) download, register as a user, to complete the buffet car.

at present, for the elderly or other special populations, the software also provides 24 hours to call the car hotline, passengers can call directly to the phone number of 5 minutes, you can complete the online assignment of the taxi.

Zhengzhou city taxi dispatch center general manager Liu Feng said, but also through the wisdom of stop called the car, is now planning further, is expected to complete the first stop at the end of August the installation of wisdom.

experience about the car on the Internet, the number of empty rental considerable

yesterday, the reporter randomly at three locations were the use of 95128 WeChat public number and APP online call the car and found that the driver orders quickly, the taxi process is very smooth. Reporters found that the first day on the line can be seen around the location of their own about 10 to 30 cars in the vicinity of the taxi can be called to provide services. The reporter just issued soon after the car needs, a driver orders, and call on the specific location, simple and smooth the whole process at the time of payment, payment is also a lot of what can be done with cash, Alipay, WeChat three ways of payment.

Zhengzhou about car 95128 has a certain operational basis, the current number of drivers to install software has exceeded ten thousand people, that is, more than 7000 cars have been available to the public about the car service." Liu Feng said.

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