3D print you seen it to Xiamen please your eyes

in the life ahead of print must be a lot of people have experience, we often need to put their own identity documents or some information for printing, but the traditional big black and white. November 6th -11 month 20 days, the first Xiamen international 3D printing Fashion Festival will be held in the grand Paragon center shopping mall. Through 3D printing and fashion art cross-border experts in the field of collision point of view, for the Xiamen fashion industry to bring a science and technology, fashion, art, the perfect integration of cross-border event.

it is understood that, as one of the 2016 Xiamen International Fashion Week activities, the Fashion Arts Festival and the Xiamen International Fashion Week Organizing Committee, Xiamen International Fashion Federation, Xiamen times space culture media Ltd., Xiamen Paragon center shopping mall, Daqian group, Shanghai Zhen Zhenyu three-dimensional design Co Ltd, leedarson Co. By the chairman, the international 3D printing forum original international industrial design association chairman Li Chunyin as academic director, founder of TIMESSPACE, the space age Xiamen International Fashion Federation vice president he served as chief planner, general manager, Xiamen times space culture media Co. Ltd. of Xiamen International Fashion Federation Deputy Secretary General Liu Yun as general coordination.

five active plate to attract eyeballs

this festival consists of five plates.

technology – 3D international dialogue "fashion print design exhibition": the highest level Chinese largest, 3D printing design exhibition, art festival in Paragon center shopping mall two floor, free and open to the public.

technology – 3D international dialogue "fashion design: print forum" will be held in Paragon Hotel conference room on the afternoon of November 6th, focusing on the designer how to design innovative use of 3D printing technology, science and technology to promote the traditional fashion industry transformation and upgrading, how technology is changing the human way of life and other topics.

"3D": printing fashion art show will be held in Paragon center exhibition site on the evening of November 6th. This will be the largest China 3D printing fashion show, fashion catwalk shows will be the use of 3D printing technology to produce.

"new fashion – Chinese contemporary sculpture exhibition:" in the art festival in Paragon center shopping mall two floor, free and open to the public. The sculpture exhibition will be the largest contemporary sculpture art exhibition in Xiamen so far, which will present the new trend of the development of Chinese contemporary sculpture art.

new design – International 3D printing design Workshop ": 3D printing design will carry out on-site teaching, specially invited internationally renowned 3D brand for the ultimate print design /Xuberance held a 5 day free 3D recommended

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