After the car wash car service market opportunities

automotive consumer market is hot, but also led to the rise of the automobile after market, since the O2O boom came, the whole car market concern capital, home wash service is off the market opportunities, entrepreneurs and investors to the numerous common billion market.

car as the car service market consumer segments with the highest frequency, many O2O platforms are hoping the car wash service as a breakthrough, scored the entire automobile service market, the car, the car a little bit is a typical representative.

first, user habits. For users to use app or WeChat public number single use car services, the most important thing is to develop user habits. Now most people want to repair or car beauty, the first time that could be 4S shop and maintenance services, car wash line market pain points to develop the O2O platform under the APP user habits good opportunity.

second, quick cut. Through the door to the car wash car wash, car wash O2O platform can quickly cut into the market, while occupying a certain market share in the field. Then use the platform to accumulate the car wash user base, and then introduced all kinds of car beauty, maintenance, repair and other services, it is easier to open the beauty market.

third, service provider resources. Many service providers provide car will also provide the corresponding auto maintenance and beauty services, which for O2O days after the entry into the platform car beauty maintenance market will be a large number of accumulated business resources reliable line.

on the one hand, advanced into the car wash and then into the entire car maintenance market, it will lose the market opportunity to other car maintenance O2O platform. Wait until other O2O platform has occupied a certain market position in the field of time when they will be involved in more market barriers.

on the other hand, the car O2O platform cut beauty market will also face a lot of problems into user habits, users accustomed to using the car wash service on the O2O platform, but it is also because of this and used to treat it as a car service platform, when the car need to buy accessories, beauty and the need for maintenance, the user may choose to other platforms.

car market, in general, is a service industry, and with the development of the times, people are more and more demand for car maintenance, car washing services launch site is to meet the development trend of the times, to meet the consumer demand of the public, for investors with the car into the beauty market, indeed more very easy accumulation of user groups, the development prospects worth looking forward to.

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