Bear paw bag small poineering good choice

bear paws package is a very popular snack, attracted many consumers, also let franchisees very seductive. Choose snacks, investment in the brand is a good choice. Xiao Bian summarizes several suggestions, and hope to provide some help for you, so you can do business.

for senior chowhound, bear paw bag is not strange, because at present, from the northeastern city of Harbin to Southern China District of Hongkong, can enjoy the bear paws package provides high-quality Taiwan bun and other characteristics of desktop delicious.

"tiger bite pig" paws shape design, so it looks very cute and adorable attitude. Milk, strawberries, sugar, whole wheat, pumpkin, taro and other different flavors of deep-sea fish and selection of collocation dough steak, spicy chicken, crispy cuttlefish row tender steak, can be described as the perfect fusion of Chinese and Western practices. At the same time bear bear handbags Taiwan brand chain stores Taiwan bun from Hongkong, Taiwan has a professional management team, has a practical deep foundation in product development, operations management, marketing innovation.

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