How to solve the problem of poverty in Guangyuan

in the development of the economy at the same time, there are some areas, did not catch up with the pace of development of the times, the economic development is lagging behind, the local people’s living standards to be improved, the economic development needs to be resolved! So, how to solve the current situation of poverty in Guangyuan? The following and small series of specific understanding.

is a platform for innovation in agriculture. Encourage counties, enterprises and universities, research institutes, National University Science and Technology Park cooperation, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Key Laboratory of innovation research and development platform, to carry out poverty village aquaculture areas such as integration of industrial technology innovation platform to obtain innovation country, province, city that were given 500 thousand yuan, 150 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan reward subsidies.

two is a platform for cooperation and exchange. By means of cooperation between University and city, city hall and City Bureau cooperation platform, set up scientific and technological achievements of poverty docking, docking, financial special docking, held every year in major scientific and technological achievements, school enterprise cooperation and docking technology poverty Yinke theme activities 2-3 times, regularly publish application of advanced scientific and technological achievements, to promote scientific and technological achievements and development needs of Internet interworking.

three is the service infrastructure platform. The establishment of science and technology poverty service demonstration 15, selected the first batch of 100 science and technology correspondent into poor villages and demonstration, the full implementation of science and technology project packaging, feasibility analysis, results of selection or customization, technology exchange and other one-stop service.

through the above reports we can see that, in solving the current situation of poverty in Guangyuan, mainly through the construction of 3 types of technology platform to solve the current situation of poverty. On the one hand to encourage farmers to actively innovation, on the other hand, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the outside world, the last is to establish some basic service platform, it can be effective for the majority of poor areas of good service.

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