The world’s top ten luxury brands list

now people’s economic conditions have been improved, many people no longer worry about food and clothing problems, luxury began to become the object of many people to buy. So, what is a luxury? In short, a luxury brand is a luxury brand. It is the highest grade brand in the brand classification. In life, luxury brands enjoy a very special market and high social status. In the classification of goods, and luxury goods corresponding to the public goods.

luxury goods is not only to provide value for the use of goods, but also to provide high value-added goods; luxury goods is not only to provide tangible value, but also to provide intangible value of goods. For luxury goods, its intangible value is often higher than the visible value. Among the many luxury goods, mostly from Italy this country, the following list of the world’s top ten luxury brands list.

ten world luxury brand ranking NO1- Hermes (Hermè s)


(Hermè s) is a world famous luxury brand, 1837 by Thierry Hermè s was founded in Paris of France, had started to manufacture highhorse, has a long history of 170 years. Hermes is a loyal to the traditional handicraft, the constant pursuit of innovation of international enterprises, as of 2014 has bags, silk tie, men’s and women’s life and art and other seventeen categories of products. Hermes headquarters in Paris France branchesall over the world, opened in 1996 Chinese first Hermes stores in Beijing, "Hermes" for the United Chinese translation. Hermes has been adhering to the design concept of extraordinary excellence, extreme gorgeous, make elegant very traditional model.

world’s top ten luxury brands NO2- Zegna (Zegna)


(Zegna) is one of the world famous Italy menswear brand, the most famous is the tailoring of first-class style to suit, serious and facetious at the same time many successful men of love and Zegna (Zegna). Over the years, Zegna (Zegna) brand has been favored by many celebrities, Zegna (Zegna) is not the pursuit of new styles and gorgeous colors, with its flawless, tailoring appropriate, personalized style elegant, simple popular all over the world. Zegna (Zegna) brand in addition to suit, has now developed a sweater, casual wear and underwear and other men’s series. So far, Zegna (Zegna) has opened 220 franchise stores in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Beijing, Florence, Shanghai, Dalian and other world clothing city.

world’s top ten luxury brand NO3- Armani (Ar>)

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