What kind of dumpling shop can survive under the new situation

the arrival of the new era of the Internet, the traditional industry in order to survive, we must continue to forge ahead and strive for innovation, and strive to fight for a new era of a more stable position. In the face of new changes in the situation, what kind of dumpling shop to survive? Hope that through the introduction of the following can bring some help to the majority of businesses.

under the new situation what kind of dumpling shop can survive

small and medium stores

06 years ago, China’s food and beverage industry is a hot investment in large stores, large, super large stores everywhere. But now promote the popularity of food and beverage, stores are increasingly inclined to small and medium. In order to benefit the United States as the representative of dumplings, mostly in the operating area of 60-200 square meters, store business is very prosperous. Therefore, the store has become the main trend of miniaturization.

fine product

eat is no longer the first choice for consumers to choose to eat, eat fine, eat the taste has become a choice for more people. Some people will say that what is Boiled dumplings, fine fine. We do Boiled dumplings stores must change the idea. No dumplings boutique Boiled dumplings not only in appearance from the market of ordinary dumplings, fried dumplings, but also can be made into Steamed Jiaozi, with strong competitiveness, are more likely to survive in this competition tide.

PFP price

when you shop and products are refined and close to the people, but the per capita consumption is not difficult to compete with the people. At present, the average white-collar lunch market per capita consumption of 20-30 yuan, Mei Mei has so far a few hundred stores, and it is the people of the price and value of the product can not be separated.

standard service

many people think that it is difficult to achieve standardization of Chinese fast food, in fact, the United States and the United States to achieve a standardized dumplings products and services. The product is made by the central kitchen production, to shop, franchisees need to operate in accordance with the standard, from the cooking temperature, time, weight and so on are accurate to the minimum, ensure the products taste consistent from beginning to end. Each benefit from the United States and the United States before the opening of the dumplings have standardized service standards and processes, both the customer and franchisee can feel the convenience and advantages brought about by standardization.

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