2012 teach you four new ideas to make money

is now the era of market economy, only to join the market in order to become more entrepreneurial venture. Now the business market is emerging industries raging like a storm, times out. For entrepreneurs choose which industry is a key step in winning. Compared with other investment channels and financial instruments, entrepreneurship in the above level, the meaning of a heavier lifestyle. Entrepreneurship is a way of life, in a sense, the way of life to a certain extent change the direction and direction of entrepreneurship. The financial market in the "surplus" raging like a storm, the "loss", however, entrepreneurship as a means of investment, is less affected by the policy level, and the technology is relatively low threshold way.

undeniable, current consumption in constant upgrading, never eating, dressing, the basic demands of communication change, but show personality is more and more mainstream consumer demand and. And business opportunities are also attached to the provision of personality choice.

in the mature market and competition intensifies, did the traditional retail space is very limited, popular a few years ago that "follow the trend of entrepreneurship" is already very few market. The shop is only in the pursuit of individuality in the efforts to attract customers critically; only has a distinct personality, in order to make your shop in the fierce competition in talent shows itself in competition at the same time, reduce development space.

The concept of

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