Students to open stores to start the final success of wonton

contemporary college students face enormous pressure job, many college students have chosen to join the field of entrepreneurship to the accumulation of their own life experience, open the wonton stores to realize their entrepreneurial dreams is also a good business experience.

when you put down the face to make money, you understand,

A small village

23 year old He Yong from Sichuan Nanchong, attended River Chemical Engineering and technology specialty, his outstanding achievements, scholarship, and Zhejiang has a Taizhou pharmaceutical company signed the employment agreement. However, his heart has been unable to disclose the pain, which is caused by high school retinal detachment left eye amblyopia.

although there is no business experience in the University, but on their own can not take the unusual way as early as expected, He Yongcheng himself is a very love thinking, "go to a restaurant for dinner, the students are concerned which the food is delicious, I pay more attention to store decoration, tableware, table color etc.." In order to persuade students to gather together to start the funds, He Yong put the usual store in the head of the details of the venture are one piece together, so that students see his confidence and careful.

"at 8 every morning to the store tally, tidy up the kitchen, takeaway, cashier, orders, recommended dishes

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