Why is it more and more difficult to operate Teahouse

although the tea has always been a favorite drink of Chinese people, however, if it is now operating tea, business is not hot. China’s coffee consumption is growing at an annual rate of 15% in the next 10 years, according to a survey. But in the tea industry of "teahouse", "teahouse" operation is difficult, in several large chain brand known as "Qiantangcharen" have been closed. A person who operates a teahouse told reporters that the majority of traditional tea shops are relying on other industries in the hard support, can not be profitable."

positioning aging, difficult to attract young people

reporter visited Wuxi several teahouse found their common ground, or in suburban scenic area, or living in residential areas, from the familiar, the main members, rarely "passerby", the passenger can not be guaranteed. Because the rent problem, traditional teahouse to survive in the downtown area, it defines itself as an alternative to the blossom everywhere "coffee shops" non mainstream consumer.

"teahouse is naturally defined as the older age of the crowd, will be a number of young people like tea outside the door." For many years the gold business teahouse told reporters the society of chemistry. Gold is a society of chemistry 80 merchants in Lihu Lake runs a antique teahouse. "When the weather is good, there will be some exercise public outing in tea, usually mainly rely on the support of vip." She told reporters, surrounded by a group of young friends like tea, but look at Wuxi, and there is no suitable for young people teahouse. "A lot of tea because of operational difficulties, barely support, from hardware to culture are very difficult to attract the pursuit of exquisite, bourgeois young man."

blind diversification, lack of professionals

facing the survival crisis, many companies began to consider the diversified business model, playing the sideline. In addition to the tea sales, tea, tea sales agent. Some businesses will also be a combination of tea and dining, and even the introduction of chess and other recreational activities. To a certain extent, the development of diversification can make tea out of trouble, but it is easy to cause homogenization. The industry believes that the teahouse must not have any features, otherwise the result is bound to be no feature, compared with other industries, tea business needs more features selling points.

can be a business class teahouse teahouse, is the place for business negotiations, to provide a communication channel for the people; can also be cultural entertainment and leisure teahouse, is the general public entertainment places; at the same time can also be kind of tea tea, tea tea loving people in here, the research of the tea ceremony, is interested in attracting the tea; also can is characteristic of the teahouse, such as the study of Ancient Chinese Literature Search as the theme of the teahouse.

on the survival crisis teahouse, the industry believes that the business model is too monotonous, can not attract a large number of

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