How to attract customers

under normal circumstances, the owners in order to attract customers, it is really exhausted, but can not get customer recognition. In fact, if customers can turn around the retail business, so the store’s business development will undoubtedly not have any pressure. However, in the retail business activities, how to attract customers retail customers to allow customers to turn around you, this is the key to determine the success or failure of the business.


is located in the same position, sales of similar goods retail stores, but there are often some bustling, some desolate "be quite different in different situation? I think this is a question worthy of consideration of the vast number of retail households, especially those who do not think the business of retail. Of course, we should not focus on the reflection of the endless search for the so-called objective reasons, but should focus on finding subjective reasons.

to tell you the truth, in the external environment, not much difference between circumstances, has little effect on the quality of the business objective reasons can even say no what effect, but the real impact of good or bad business should be the subjective reason. Try to reflect on their own personality charm to play; reflect on their own behavior is appropriate; reflect on their own business measures are in place, etc..

attracts customers with noble personality

first retailers to relevant laws and regulations, the national business law, relevant laws and regulations such as the management of tobacco should abide by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, are not allowed to own, free into the purchase of human smoke, smoke back; no tobacco sales to minors. Second, we must comply with social ethics, earn conscience money. For example, we engaged in grain and oil, non-staple food, will be in charge of the physical and mental health of consumers attitude of stick from the formal channels of purchase, strict product quality control, and not in order to earn high profits and low wantonly into the purchase of those inferior, toxic, fake goods.

third to strengthen their professional ethics, dress properly, dignified appearance, in order to enhance their own personality charm, so as to establish a good image in front of customers. I want a law-abiding business of retail, a compliance with the social ethics of the retailer, with a focus on their occupation moral accomplishment and the external image of the retailer, is bound to be noble personality charm deeply attracted customers love you, consciously follow you, it will take the initiative to turn around you.

to attract customers by proper behavior

retail customers in the reception of customers, to achieve civilized behavior, verbal enthusiasm, sincere attitude, in particular, should pay attention to detail, so that customers really feel your good. For example, when the customer comes in, to immediately put down things of no great importance (especially as in computer games, chatting, watching TV or something), warm smile to greet customers, can sometimes be handed a cigarette, a cup of water.

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