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why postpartum breast prolapse

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in addition, the appropriate massage and a proper diet can prevent postpartum breast sagging, normal breast exercises, eat more lean meat, eggs, milk, beans, carrots, lotus root, peanut, sesame, malt, grapes and other foods rich in vitamin.

women in lactation after breast ptosis will generally appear, this is because the infant feeding, breast surface skin is drafting extended breast suspension elastic supporting structure is also reduced, at the same time of lactation after breast gland atrophy, ptosis, becomes small. This is unavoidable. But some mothers because they do not pay attention to breast-feeding and breast-feeding after breast protection, resulting in breast atrophy, which is completely preventable.

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why will become plump breasts after pregnancy

correct wearing bra can prevent postpartum breast prolapse

breast development was divided into two times, adolescence is first developed, after be pregnant with the change of breast progesterone may have second development, that is to say from the beginning of pregnancy, breast have been fully developed, so women will feel special breast distension, feel yourself getting full. In lactation, breast gland and connective tissue will also cause breast enlargement, plus the mother’s breast milk will accumulate a large number, breast swelling. So many women in pregnancy and early childhood breasts will become more plump.

guidance expert: Zhang Bingzhong, associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Memorial Hospital, Zhongshan University,


during pregnancy, breast fullness always make mothers feel contented. But after weaning, the problem soon appeared, such as a " " like magic; do not disappear, breast tall and straight, rather than pre pregnancy is still small, and drooping like a bag, it can be frustrating. Why does the breast drop small? How to prevent postpartum breast sagging smaller? Let’s listen to the experts.

from pregnancy, we must insist on wearing a bra. If you do not wear a bra, the weight of the breasts will be significantly reduced after the increase. Especially in the case of work, walking, such as severe breast concussion, sagging more obvious. Wearing a bra, breast with support and support, the blood circulation of the breast, to promote the secretion of milk and improve the disease resistance of the breast are good, but also to protect the nipple from scratch and pain. Wear a bra, you should choose the right size, the style of the steel trust, wear after finishing, with both hands and breast fat around the rope to the bra, the breast looks plump, tall and straight.

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