What is the Miaoshi Sichuan diners consumption

as one of the four famous China of Sichuan has always been a popular food item, natural in this society as long as there is a demand not the market, the market will be the inevitable competition, competition of Sichuan food market will not be too small. This time it is necessary to brand as a support, Miaoshi Sichuan with Zuzhuanmifang, century old brand and have a unique style of decoration style, talent shows itself in many projects, highly sought after.

Miaoshi Sichuan why so popular? Look at the consumer spending is what?

1, Miaoshi Sichuan culture

culture is like a jar of wine, the more Yue chen. The combination of culture and food, but let the value of food and beverage. Through the ingenious fusion of Miaoshi Sichuan Museum, let Miaoshi Sichuan formed its own cultural characteristics, is difficult to imitate or copy others. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties has the decorative style of Sichuan palace courtyard – Futian Tairan landlord Miaoshi Sichuan into meal, this feeling arise spontaneously. The middle courtyard, on both sides of the corridor, with the left wing, right outside the pavilion design study. Each part of the density, corridor intersection. To the middle hall, eight in the middle of Qing Dynasty a chair and a table visible before the eyes they are Miu Xiulun, over the years through hardships, through thousands of households, with hundreds of thousands of yuan of high residence from the Liu Wencai Sichuan Dayi County town of Anren to purchase genuine.

2, Miaoshi Sichuan

biggest feature is that the store decoration, elegant charm, from which, and times cool, eat heartily. Miaoshi Sichuan has become an independent school architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasty, have the exclusive collection of antique furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties, in Miaoshi, saw the red symbol of a richly ornamented building in an unbroken line, column proudly upright and noble, beautiful decoration of the glazed tile roof with palace style, exquisite wood carving art treasures of the Ming and Qing Dynasties throughout every corner of the famous painting to bring out the delicate and elegant the cultural atmosphere. Bartholomew’s Sichuan dishes originated in the hinterland of Sichuan, in line with the development of sichuan.

3, price

civilian consumer prices, everyone can enter the store consumption, there is no threshold limit, civilian food, the audience more widely. The essence of Miaoshi Sichuan is the combination of tradition and reality, both production skills Bartholomew’s family, and innovation of modern methods of Sichuan, Miaoshi food not only delicious, but also has the originality in color and shape. First of all, the consumer prices for the public, accurate positioning, let consumers accounted for more than 80% salaried workers, contentedly sucking a meal.

4, taste

Gufengguyun Sichuan Museum, the taste of food is a favorite with diners. Do gourmet business, of course, want to choose diners favorite >

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