What to do before the health shop opens

before in a health food store opened, the operator is sure to be on the market have made investigation and analysis a lot of work, but want to do a health food shop store promotional activities are not so easy. How to do a good job of health care products before the opening of the preparatory work, it has become one of the most concerned about the operators.

before the opening of the brand has been selected, the health shop before the opening should pay attention to what? Preparation of materials and programs this is a health care store has long been done, but also with the company’s application. Here I focus on is the personnel. Take a tent on the gun opened in the immediate effect, the surrounding customers look wonderful, fresh figure Batui ran to the store. Professional visitors came forward, Xiaoying sell, out of the question, the more buy less empty, like a lost two. For the boss to find the reason, the reason is in people:

(1) registered members of the opening registration, come to the end of a hi xi. Fake more really little things to send a basket, to look at the back. The reason is in the details not to talk about panic. Health shop before opening to pay attention to what? During the opening of the health care store is one of the best time to attract popularity, but often at this time, due to the skill of the service staff, professional level and other comprehensive quality and affect the actual results. So during the opening period must be prepared for the most powerful team and good sales skills. Even if such sales are not ideal for the future will also leave a good image of the store in the customer heart.

(2) in accordance with the general theory of the market, the professional is the management and the existence of the king, careful is the development of the road. Health shop before opening to pay attention to what? Therefore, in their own health care store opening, we must pay attention to the product with a reasonable match, and then show or sell to their consumers. In this process, the health care store sales staff should carefully find out the customer’s skin problems, so as to retain their own shop consumers.

The above is about

health care before the store opened to note what the introduction, I hope you to open your own health store, must be a lot of attention, should be well prepared, so as to smooth opening.

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