Sichuan urged the innovation with the launch of the gem new employment


for the majority of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need to have a good policy to support, need to have a good entrepreneurial environment as entrepreneurial support, recently, in Sichuan, the government issued a lot about promoting entrepreneurship policy.

to encourage public entrepreneurship and promote employment, the government of Sichuan province and good policy. Recently, the Sichuan provincial government issued "on Further Doing a good job under the new situation of employment and entrepreneurship" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). Opinions put forward the combination of entrepreneurship and employment, innovation and entrepreneurship to promote employment, employment and entrepreneurship to promote economic development, but also a series of policies to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, promote employment.

"opinion" also clearly pointed out the need to promote innovation leading entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to create jobs. The registration place including the relaxation of restrictions, allow according to a multi site "and" according to a multi site, to explore the full electronic business license and management; the small loans adjusted for business loans, adjust the maximum loan amount is 100 thousand yuan; the enterprises to absorb employment tax preferential scope of people by unemployed for more than a year personnel adjustment for more than half of unemployed workers, college graduates, the registered unemployed founder of individual industrial and commercial households tax policy extended to individual owned enterprises; allow qualified professional and technical personnel and undergo on-the-job business, with the permission of the institution, can retain the human relations in three years.

and coordinate development of urban and rural employment, college graduates focus groups employment. The Small and micro businesses to recruit college graduates graduation year enjoy 1 years of social insurance subsidies, which was scheduled to perform at the end of 2015 to the long-term implementation; technical college senior workers, technician preparatory classes and special education college graduates occupation education can refer to college graduates employment and entrepreneurship policy related subsidies.

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