The development of retail business should be based on customer demand

some shops in a short period of time will not be able to stick to it, and some shops can be managed for a long time, and even become a hundred years old, the nature and the owner of the business has a great relationship. Luo boss is our town a retail shop, has twenty years, mainly engaged in all kinds of tea, tobacco and sugar series milk drinks, daily necessities and so on, in the customer impression of high visibility. In the business, although a variety of sour, sweet, bitter, hot taste Luo boss have experienced, but he gained abundant wealth, their hard work in exchange for a full of happiness — house, car, home appliance furniture trends Goods are available in all varieties.

Luo and a boss, he always lamented: business people sometimes have too much frustration and difficulties, but he is optimistic, never give in to difficulties. In his words, businessmen are tired and happy. In the fierce competition in the retail market, Luo boss of the shop has been in a steady state, a business. So, what kind of good way is he to attract customers into the store consumption?

1996 years, Luo boss in the shop before the store to understand the basic situation of the town. At that time, the shop, are some people look at the store with the child’s small shop, or more than and 100 square meters of the couple shop, there is no wholesale department. Some rural small shops have to purchase around the county, at that time there is no dealer to deliver goods to the countryside, some of the rural small shop owner is extremely difficult, sometimes lack some of the commodity shop must also go to town.

therefore, Luo boss seize this opportunity, rented a 200 square meter store. The husband and wife two years of work to accumulate the money to invest in about 100000, opened a town’s largest wholesale and retail shops, while employing a staff of two as a helper. At the beginning, they clear division of labor: Luo boss responsible for purchase delivery, drove to the procurement of goods every day and help the county, rural small shops one-time purchase quantity and more stores delivery; the boss is responsible for cashier and customer reception, two employees responsible for selling goods, cleaning and finishing shop, to need help. Customer delivery.

shop opened, Luo boss and suppliers, contact the manufacturer directly for free he made a beautiful eye-catching signage, red floor of the shop above with white font printed "Wenfeng wholesale and retail outlets". Around the printing management project and business scope, such as crystal clear phone number. The shop opened, are sent to customers in a continuous line, every day began to usher in a grand.

investigate the reasons, first of all, because the new shop owner Luo just opened a new state, new products, new weather environment. And the comparison of commodity display planning, all kinds of goods orderly classification display on the shelves. The employees not only warm, also very hard, in addition to sellers is to tidy up the shop every day.

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