How to design the TV backdrop

TV background wall should be how to design? What are the options available? Busy renovation of consumers will certainly think about this problem. If businesses are able to provide consumers with a perfect business plan, then certainly have their own business benefits. Xiaobian finishing a few points for reference, hoping to meet the needs of the market, hurry up.

on wooden panels are not unfamiliar to us, very widely used in Home Furnishing renovation process such as doors and windows, Home Furnishing cabinets, furniture and so on, it is possible to use decorative panel. At present, it can be used as a Home Furnishing TV background wall is also more and more people, because of its variety of colors, affordable price, selection panels do Home Furnishing background wall, the conflict is not easy and other indoor wood materials, can better collocation form Home Furnishing unified style of decoration, clean up is also very convenient. If you still feel too monotonous, wood veneer to hang a picture of your favorite pictures, the effect will be more good. Decorated with panels to do TV home background, many colors can choose, do not have to worry about the problem with the room can not match, usually only sixty or seventy yuan a.

Second, TV backdrop: simple and natural natural artificial stone

Third, TV backdrop: modern glass, metal


Fourth, colorful wallpaper

into the wallpaper stores display area, many people will be its bright colors, beautiful pattern deeply attracted, in recent years, whether it is wallpaper or certificated, processing technology are greatly recommended in

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