Join the snack car scam investigation

snack car because the stalls are not fixed, operating varieties, however, less investment funds, so by the countless entrepreneurs alike, the market is very hot, but here we can not deny that it has fraud exists, fraud investigation the following Xiaobian take you to know a join snack car!

see on TV to get rich quick multi snack car advertising spend 50 thousand yuan, but received a bunch of equipment is not the normal use of television advertising, advertising companies and manufacturers mutual shirk responsibility all kinds of rich buffet popular, consumers carefully joined trap "don’t buy our equipment, this is a tool." Tan Yubao came to his newly opened crisp love food culture Jilin Co. Ltd. to buy equipment said.

see on TV to crisp Love Diet Culture Communication Co., get rich quick information, Mr. Tan specially to the corporation in Beijing were investigated, to spend 50 thousand yuan to win the proxy, received the machine is a mess of "junk".

6 12, the reporter saw the operation of the store Tan Yubao and his wife Ms. chen. Two couples told reporters that the machine has many problems. First of all, plug in the electricity after two laps on the "strike", and later it opened a look, scared, the original inside the bearing is bent. Secondly, the main part of the manufacturers of the advertising machine is white steel, but they can be used in the internal parts of the machine, such as the use of industrial paint paint, no smear on the already rusty. Again, the circle of iron noodle machine the part workmanship is very rough, "hard-edged", two people have been hand cut.

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