How to operate a self service hotpot restaurant

hot pot shop business is very prosperous throughout the year, buffet hot pot to join the new darling of the hot pot industry, favored by more and more consumers. How to manage the hot pot after joining the buffet? Let’s have a look!

This buffet restaurant is

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two, do activity

to reduce waste

in the self-help business class catering process, the most common problem is that the waste. Many customers are holding the money back to eat the psychological, take a lot of food, but did not take into account their own food intake. Customer waste will not only increase the operating costs of self-service hot pot restaurants, but also cause a lot of food waste. Therefore, the operator should make some self Hot pot shop regulations, for the remaining food too many customers to "fine", is to make them according to the remaining amount to pay. Its main purpose is to reduce waste, believe that such a system will allow consumers to reduce waste.

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