How to turn a dollar into one million

A lot of people say that entrepreneurship is difficult, that no money no business, no project. In fact, those are shirk, really want to venture, want to find the project, no matter how much money, encounter many problems, can be solved! The following Xiaobian for you to take a piece of money into one million!

how to put a dollar into one million? Focus on doing one thing called "focus"? Focus is to say "no" to yourself, and in the 100 decision, say "no" to the 99, and only allow a "Yes"". More image: stretch out your hands a total of 10 fingers, you must cut off the 9, which one do you keep? How do young people succeed in starting a business? Entrepreneurs should use this method to treat their products, chop chop chop, keep only one; also, this product features as well as cut cut cut, leaving only the essential, so you can make a iPod, there is nothing in the world "focus" a more powerful force.

The reason

how to put a dollar into one million? More important than imagined entrepreneurs need to have imagination, but entrepreneurs cannot indulge in wishful thinking all day, hands more difficult than tempted, do more important than to think of the new road; especially the entrepreneurs said that the sentence is: to trial and error! Your idea  no matter how good, do not do it to accept the market test, never know the true answer. How do young people succeed in starting a business? I hope it is popular, maybe someone will think No one shows any interest in, then the failure to give up, someone will try try try again, until success, of course, there will be countless times of trial and error, still failed.

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