The new image of Xiamen international cruise home port staff to promote Xiamen Tourism nternational

in our lives, whether it is by car or by boat, always be able to see a lot of service personnel, they provide a great convenience for our trip, they also formed a beautiful landscape. "They are very beautiful in color, very dynamic and fashionable in design." Yesterday, a foreign crew of Asia’s largest international luxury cruise, 170 thousand ton Royal Caribbean Sea ceremony ", watching the group dressed in deep blue uniforms, Phoenix bonuses of young people, so a praise.

this group of young people, is the Xiamen international cruise home port of the staff, their clothes, is just released new uniforms. Xiamen port holding group, the group is changing, according to the municipal government decision to deploy, accelerate another step in the transformation and upgrading of the port, is a new starting point to enhance the group’s passenger plate service concept, is a new presentation of Xiamen city culture internationalization.

Gulangyu Islet is Xiamen’s most beautiful international business card. Because of the beauty of Gulangyu Islet, people fall in love with Gulangyu Islet; because of the love of Gulangyu Islet, people add beauty to Gulangyu Islet. In this "love and beauty" of the journey, Xiamen ferry drum becomes the Chinese and foreign tourists, the perception of Xiamen Gulangyu Islet bridge, a link. Xiamen port holding group, the uniform update, coincides with the Xiamen international fashion week, the group will "drum to ferry," as the service theme of grand launch, to achieve "spirit of enterprise, to enhance the expression of fashion", Xiamen ferry drum of this historical cultural sense, international brand fashion sense, in the service concept and the international first-class standard.

"the uniform design, the depth of analysis of marine culture and the nature of industry of Xiamen port holding group, combined with the geographical features of Xiamen, Xiamen Airlines international standard, Xiamen port holding group brand image." Xiamen port holding group, the relevant person in charge, "so we choose to have more than and 10 years of cooperation with Xiamen Airlines Xiamen gifted Beauty Co., has a deep understanding of their role in the clothing enterprise and enterprise culture."

Gulangyu Islet tourism, historical culture and modern fashion fusion, and at present, along with the comprehensive construction of cruise home port, cruise tour of this emerging fashion tourism, has become a new drive to stimulate tourism of Gulangyu Islet and Xiamen tourism. Xiamen port holding group said the dress, cruise home port group will actively enhance the intrinsic quality of the staff, increase training, enhance service awareness, and actively break through the traditional service mode, to create a modern service concept, build Xiamen tourism service "Hong Kong service quality".

Xiamen international cruise home port

passenger throughput

breakthrough 200 thousand passengers

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