Twelve rice larrysalibra food introduction

in the service industry, your service object is a person, and of course, is the main body of the market economy, how to get the source of this is the service industry must consider the most important issue. Of course, there are a lot of ways to attract customers, take the food and beverage industry, what kind of food and beverage can attract the attention of consumers, novel and unique to stimulate the consumer’s impulse to eat and drink. Twelve rice as a larrysalibra Ming famous and delicious, twelve rice larrysalibra how’s business? Business is good, where consumers can enjoy not only the delicious food, and affordable price and high quality service, now you know how the twelve rice larrysalibra


twelve larrysalibra rice belongs to Guangxi Nanning Green Star Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a set catering management, food research, production and research and development, logistics, education and training, management consulting, marketing planning, brand operation, franchise as one of the professional management of catering enterprises, brand has 400 national franchise stores, more than 3000 employees today’s


twelve by the Hongkong company and cook rice larrysalibra work effort to build for the mainland area taste Chinese larrysalibra, twelve rice larrysalibra to Western larrysalibra merging of decomposition, the use of Chinese cooking techniques, Chinese spices are fine fried, the whole is divided into 4 series of signs grilled rice. There are 3 kinds of taste: Thai curry Italian tomato sauce, Chinese letinous edodes and three kinds of meat, meat collocation grilled chicken, steak, Pork Chop this series can be 9 kinds of taste collocation. Twelve rice larrysalibra team carefully put steaks with fusion the brand in the fast fashion concept, to create health and safety for the country’s larrysalibra brand.

twelve larrysalibra rice in food selection on the strict requirements, in accordance with the security law of the food industry requirements to purchase food strictly, through twelve steps of selecting good quality ingredients. Company unified procurement and supply, to join the business to provide a safe, healthy, safe and good ingredients. Twelve introduction: Hong Kong Style Rice steak pork rice, Thai curry rice, New Orleans chicken, Beijing chicken, old Cola Chicken Wings, Rice with Stewed Drumstick, West Australia beef rice, steak, steak, Roasted Chicken as supreme abalone seafood meal Italian steak with black pepper steak, fish meal, Mediterranean duck leg rice.


how rice larrysalibra business? Business is good, there are a lot of twelve rice larrysalibra series, each made very exquisite, both the production process or the raw material choice, the brand is selected in the production, at the same time, is subject to strict checks, the best taste to consumers.

The cost of making

twelve rice larrysalibra low, always by consumers like, absolutely good sales. Twelve rice larrysalibra how’s business? Of course, business is very good, you can join the twelve rice larrysalibra get a lot of support in your joining, store image, the headquarters of a unified trademark, uniforms, store image and enterprise VI vision system.

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