Support for small and micro enterprise innovation and development of the implementation of the opini

In September 29th, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly with the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission issued "on the implementation of opinions" support Small and micro businesses business innovation and development, actively play the guiding role of financial capital, through the increase of entrepreneurship and innovation base, the public record space, Small and micro businesses public service platform support, promote the adjustment of economic structure and public business innovation, promote social employment. Recently, the provincial finance has raised funds of 30 million yuan, the province’s small and medium enterprises to support entrepreneurship Park and other platforms.

"opinion" clearly to support six aspects. First, accelerate the construction of innovative carrier. Due to the construction of innovation and innovation base and other fixed asset investment loans in the amount of less than 20 million yuan to give appropriate discount subsidies. On entrepreneurship and innovation base and meet the conditions of the public record, space science and technology incubator incubator, Small and micro businesses through local industry venture capital fund, development fund for small and medium-sized enterprises to purchase stage support, and properly reduce the state-owned capital operating income standard. Two is to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship public services. The comprehensive use of government purchase of third party service, free grants, business incentives, support public service platform for SMEs and service organizations construction; encourage services for Small and micro businesses especially start-ups to provide inspection, business counseling, management consulting, product promotion, research and design, exhibition services, data storage and personnel training etc. professional services. Three is to support small and micro enterprise technology innovation. Encourage small and micro enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, improve scientific and technological innovation, and actively apply for national invention patents, utility models and other patented technology. Four is to effectively alleviate the financing problem. Comprehensive utilization of business subsidies, incentives and capital investment, support the development of financing guarantee institutions, to improve the service ability of Small and micro businesses; new business and new mode of financing guarantee institutions to actively encourage development for the development of Small and micro businesses, Small and micro businesses to ease the financing difficulties; encourage cooperation and collaboration between security agencies and the industrial park, industrial zone, business incubator Park, to promote the financing channels Small and micro businesses. Five is to support the development of small and micro enterprises. To support the new special expertise Small and micro businesses development, each supporting a number of new special expertise products (Technology), promote the traditional manufacturing industry Small and micro businesses technology transformation and upgrade and support Small and micro businesses into strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries. Help small and micro enterprises to open up the market, increase product and brand promotion efforts to encourage the development of product quality certification, and constantly enhance the competitiveness. Six is to promote the construction of small and micro enterprise information. Support Small and micro businesses informatization construction demonstration enterprises; encourage start-up enterprises to use third party e-commerce platform to expand the market; to guide the growth of Small and micro businesses to use information technology to improve the development, management, manufacturing and service level, the new industry informatization and industrialization fusion development of birth.

"opinions" stressed that the Small and micro businesses have enjoyed similar policy subsidies, not repeat enjoy the provisions of the implementation of the views of the support policy. "Opinions" shall be effective as of November 1, 2015 and shall remain valid until the year of December 31, 2018.  

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