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who is prone to dysmenorrhea two – blood stasis

Yang constitution women will have muscles are not strong, and sometimes will feel cold, and stomach and the back or waist is cold, wear clothes than others will be more, especially in the summer, do not love blowing air, love is a quiet environment, or eat some drink some cold food, always feel uncomfortable, and easy to cause the stool urine sugar, color clear and quantity, cold pain in the menstrual will faint or small abdominal and perineum free falling feeling. Like rubbing according to the menstrual volume and color slants partial.

for the blood stasis constitution of the people, there will be some dark lip color, complexion will be dark, and the ranine vein silt purple, the skin is relatively rough, sometimes do not know how to have skin bruises, eyes appeared a lot of red silk, it is easy to brush teeth there is bleeding, the people of the volatile emotions, irritability, forgetfulness and irritability, menstruation will have abdominal pain, do not love rubbing, the color of blood is dark and blood clots.

what people tend to dysmenorrhea? Above content, is for everyone to do a detailed introduction, hope can help to you, although dysmenorrhea is not what a serious illness, but the harm is not small, must give enough attention, if you belong to one group prone to dysmenorrhea, in daily life, to do preventive work of dysmenorrhea, avoid to cause the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, harm to health.

a lot of women with dysmenorrhea, so dysmenorrhea is very common in daily life, then, is related to the occurrence of female friend dysmenorrhea physique, so weak female friends will also provoke dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, who will? To understand it, to see if you are not in the susceptible dysmenorrhea in the crowd, if it is to do a good job in the prevention of dysmenorrhea.

which is one of the most prone to dysmenorrhea – yang deficiency

who is prone to dysmenorrhea

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