A new vision of the construction of the South Beach Party by the regional grid

South Beach Street Party committee is located in the beautiful scenery at the foot of Nanshan, East Jian Xin Xiang, Nanchuan River West, north to the canal. According to legend, southern Liang, Phoenix flew the Nanshan Nanshan, also known as Lantau Peak, one of the "Xining ancient eight Fengtai cloud" to which, on the topic of "Fengtai day tour to Phoenix, Phoenix from Feiyunjiang keep, a blow down bamboo flute, slender crescent hanging hill" the poem has been widespread.

area of party service platform to realize Party organization and Party member information management, improve the electronic ledger, for members of different industries, different areas of demand, a new carrier of service management innovation of Party members, Party members and improve the classification of two-way "five pipe" mechanism: the "double" in the post of Party members, formed a "new management the relationship between mode in the unit, activities in the community, giving dual status; the jurisdiction of the unit members of" full ", so that they truly integrate into the community construction; the flow of Party members" association ", the implementation of tracking and management services, to ensure that they do not have a loss, as for the non-public economy; and new social organizations in the members of" take over ", to meet the conditions of the Party Organization selection of Party building instructor, complete with strong branch secretary of the difficulty;

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