Huangyuan for 25 young people take the entrepreneurial stage

For further to create youth training opportunities for talent, promote the healthy and sustainable development of youth entrepreneurship, from July 16th to July 26th, Huangyuan County Youth League and Youth Federation held ten days of "SYB youth entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training invite senior lecturer Song Zhanlin, 25 young people for business to the centralized, teaching building for their pioneering stage. This training will teach you as an entrepreneur to evaluate, establish a good business idea, evaluate your market "ten major contents, guide students to self cognition, open career planning, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, establish a correct concept of entrepreneurship and success of entrepreneurial mindset, know how to use the business, tax, management, market marketing knowledge management and the development of their career, the youth to become the" new practical technical personnel to understand technology, understand business and management ". After graduation, students can rely on the "entrepreneurship training certificate" to enjoy the national interest discount loans and other preferential policies.  

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