City traffic police to ensure the smooth flow of the college entrance examination

To ensure that in 2014 the city entrance smooth, smooth and safe, analysis of the city traffic police detachment from several aspects, according to the Municipal Public Security Bureau "in 2014, the city’s entrance security work plan" senior high school entrance examination (Nanjing highway 2014 No. 150) to develop specific programs, program requirements and arrangements for the brigade on duty to protect during the college entrance examination the road is smooth, safe and smooth examination candidates.

in emergency, cooperate with the public security organ, once the fire situation, the nearest police on duty to immediately closed the scene, to prohibit access to the scene of the fire, so as to avoid further casualties, and evacuation, rescue trapped people and staff, will minimize the fire hazard. When the riot scene, should isolate the riot scene immediately, stop the developments of rioters legally forced away from the scene, quickly restored order at the scene, when necessary, rapid mass evacuation, to avoid casualties and property losses.  

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