Xining development to seek new breakthrough


Xining plateau ecological farming is fertile ground for investment.

park has become a powerful engine of economic development in Xining.

booming Lake New Area will allow you to have a new understanding of Xining.

Xining, whether it is the environmental index, livability and so on in the domestic big cities.

Qinghai news network to show Xining city planning and construction achievements, reasonable layout and meticulous, high standard construction projects to achieve Xining, with overall planning, improve the level of opening up, accelerate economic and social development, the municipal government decided in September 10th to 12, held in Xining city development and investment fair. This is the first time the city held a high standard, large-scale urban development investment event, the government and entrepreneurs are playing a role in the pilot and breakthrough.

Fair for investment xiadou, win-win cooperation "as the theme, will be the city construction, industrial development, cultural tourism as a combination of points, to recommend to discuss the project as a carrier, increase investment, improve enterprise investment confidence, expand the city open, strengthen strategic cooperation, enhance strategic mutual trust, build Xining into livable summer first, the Qinghai cultural propaganda, leisure tourism gathering, Industrial Development Zone, the construction of Xining city construction, industrial development, the development of tourism and cultural integration new pattern, Xining to further promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, change the mode of economic development, to achieve sound and rapid economic development of Xining, the construction of the plateau landscape and garden city people are satisfied with the life of the city, the city of happiness.

nearly 500 companies will come to help out

– provincial and domestic enterprises have responded according to deputy mayor Xu Guocheng introduction, the Xining urban development investment forum is not invited to the party and government delegation, the government designed to build investment platform for enterprises. Fair will be innovative ways, directly for all types of investors, for enterprises, face to face to promote urban planning and construction projects, industrial chain and supporting industries, service development projects.

I heard that Xining will be specially designed for entrepreneurs and investors held talks, especially the executive committee members of the unit and the chamber of Commerce issued 1500 invitations, both the foreign enterprises, enterprises in the province have responded to the fair as the enterprise project, seeking business opportunities and the development of a vine, keep put.

– nearly 500 enterprises will come back up to now, has identified nearly 500 enterprises nearly a thousand exhibitors participating merchants, and foreign companies and enterprises in the province, other key customers invited docking work is being recognized. According to the relevant person in charge, the city in the process of inviting businessmen "targeted", for the launch of the city construction, seven pillar industries and cultural services and other aspects of the project, focus on investment, in order to obtain the maximum effectiveness.

13 chamber of commerce actively matchmaking

Although the establishment of the Sichuan chamber of Commerce in was less than a year ago, the Sichuan merchants in Xining;

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