Qinghai good policies to promote employment and Entrepreneurship

to "double" as the engine, the province’s urban employment 63 thousand people, the annual target to complete the task 108%, agricultural and pastoral areas of surplus labor transfer employment 1 million 190 thousand people, the completion of the annual target of 113%, the registered urban unemployment rate of 3.1%, control in less than 3.5% of the target, the transfer of employment of 54 thousand people, farmers and herdsmen in the participatory poverty in the new year Hand-Pulled Noodle shop 1100 (home), add 220 million yuan of income, the employment rate of college graduates reached more than 89%. "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, Qinghai play a superimposed effect of the policy, take measures to promote employment, the employment situation remained stable.

reporter learned from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that in 2016, our province vigorously promote the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship platform, formulated the "Interim Measures for the determination of business incubators and management in Qinghai province (Trial)", and encourage private capital investment in the construction of business incubators, the Province has built all kinds of business incubators and venture incubator 34. In 1897 a passenger and incubated enterprises, has hatched 1006 enterprises, entrepreneurship and employment of 25 thousand people. Issued 567 million yuan of venture capital to support the independent business of the 4452. At the same time, do a good job in excess production capacity of enterprise workers resettlement work, the completion of the diversion of 888 workers in the resettlement, the issuance of industrial enterprises to adjust the structure of the special award to supplement the funds of $59 million 930 thousand.

year, in order to "teach people try to pull the fish", our province has enacted the implementation of "employment Poverty Action Plan", to send jobs to the countryside, send the employment information into people’s homes, labor economy, people driving skills training, the development of public job placement and other measures to promote the transfer of labor employment of poor families. The province’s 520 thousand and 900 participatory poor farmers and herdsmen transfer employment, 54 thousand years, skills training 37 thousand people, the development of public welfare jobs 1165, cash subsidies, training subsidies, job subsidies and social security subsidies, entrepreneurial loan interest and other employment subsidies 48 million 89 thousand yuan, Hui and 9207 poor families of labor. Through the implementation of the transfer of employment poverty alleviation action plan to promote the transfer of employment of poor families 50 thousand people, the organization of urban and rural employment of unemployed labor force of 89 thousand and 600 people, the province’s total training scale reached 164 thousand and 500.

The students start to lead the program and plans to promote employment of

deeply, carry out a full range of employment guidance, job recommendation, personnel agency "ten free one-stop service, recruited 1560 college graduates to the grassroots level of service. Organize the recruitment of enterprises into the campus and other series of college graduates recruitment activities 168 screenings, post recruitment information of more than 11.4, reaching an agreement of employment of 17 thousand people, college graduates employment rate of more than 89%.

during the year 1100 new ramen shop (home), driven by entrepreneurship and employment of 4400 people, the new revenue of $220 million." 2016, Qinghai to increase labor transfer employment efforts, and actively create a distinctive brand of labor. Continue to consolidate and strengthen the "Golden Harvest cotton", "Hercynian picking wolfberry" and other traditional labor brand, two;

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