Xining environmental protection under the rules of the boiler black smoke

for Xining to further improve the quality of atmospheric environment, Xining City, from now until April 15, 2014, to carry out winter season and all coal-fired heating boilers, tea bath, dead leaves, garbage, street business use of small coal dust pollution in the city within the scope of the special inspection.

according to the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of the person in charge, will strengthen ties with industry and commerce, urban management and other departments to prohibit the burning of garbage, dead leaves and street business use of small coal stove soot pollution, ensure the quality of atmospheric environment of city. On the coal-fired boiler black smoke, unauthorized removal of pollution treatment facilities, excessive emissions of pollutants and other illegal acts to do on-site monitoring records, investigation and interrogation transcripts and monitoring work. At the same time, the boiler inspection found the existence of "black smoke" phenomenon, pollutants exceed the standard emissions, pollution treatment facilities, unauthorized disabled in violation of boiler and pollution treatment facilities operation regulations, and environmental protection departments without approval of the unauthorized installation of boiler, no complete coal gas deadline for the task of governance behavior will be subject to heavy penalties. (author: Zhao Junjie)


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