Experts on 285 venture projects audition evaluation

Qinghai specialty rare Chinese herbal medicine deep processing, new environmental protection material agent distribution, IT technology development, farmhouse food and beverage business, courier, mrt…… In July 19th, 20, Xining first youth entrepreneurship competition to enter the project preliminary auditions review stage, 285 projects into the audition review. So that the majority of young entrepreneurs have a dream to further play such a platform to get a positive response, all inclusive projects, wonderful flash.

Xining first youth entrepreneurship competition carried out since May 26th has attracted many aspiring entrepreneurs in July 10th, the end of the registration, the office of the organizing committee has received the project planning more than 400 copies of the book, to repeat, do not meet the requirements for entry screen and remove the project, a total of 285 projects into the preliminary stage, the project mainly involves IT technology development, the traditional service model, service, information service, creative five categories, including IT technology development projects 22, traditional service projects 72, 69 new services, information services, 53 creative class 69.

July 19th, reporters at the scene learned project 20, project evaluation experts selected by the organizing committee within the city divided into four groups, according to the project market prospects, project maturity, project innovative content, the ongoing tension review of 285 projects into the preliminary auditions, the project and the participating units or individuals the situation of the enterprise, marketing strategy, experience and feasibility analysis are also included in the score. According to the expert review, the overall project entrepreneurs are more careful, especially some of the IT projects are very careful to do the project, the prospects are good. Service life of the project is also very close to the actual market analysis, also really, but there are some general project planning based on their own expertise, hobbies are not practical, lack of innovation, to consider the market are not mature, there is no unique added value.

it is reported that, after two days of auditions after the review, the expert review group will be selected before the big 100 projects in Xining business incubator, incubator service and enjoy 5 to 100 thousand yuan free full discount counter guarantee business of small loans to support the policy at the same time, choose the 30 projects continue to enter the preliminary check link in the project check, check after the top 10 will enter the finals.


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