50 minutes from Xining to Delingha

8:50 on June 16th, a Silver Eagle down through the clouds in the new Delingha Airport, marks the Delingha Airport – this has a modern standard design of navigation airport was officially completed, Qaidam Basin is a window to the world from open sea, West also added a quick passage of a leading eight party.

Gobi landed boiling point

when beautiful Qinghai aircraft took off from Xining all the way to the west wing, across the blue sky of Delingha, landed at an altitude of 2862 meters of the Delingha Airport. When the passengers and crew walked down the ramp, applause four, singing, colorful sleeves fluttering…… Dressed in costumes of the local Mongolian and Tibetan people danced a merry dance, presented a white hada, with their unique way to greet the long-awaited "eagle". Mr. Zhao, who just stepped off the plane, said: "before I came to Delingha, I would like to sit for six or seven hours, and now it is very convenient to take a plane for only about 50 minutes." Outside the airport perimeter, some of the local Mongolian and Tibetan masses, the girls can not help but hum with the music, the old man looked at the plane with a smile…… A Mongolian actor said: "I think we were also Delingha airport, after going out more convenient."

aerial, Delingha Airport is surrounded by large tracts of the Gobi desert, in the face of perennial drought, high evaporation, wind environment, airport construction in great difficulty as can be imagined. In order to ensure timely and quality completion of the airport construction tasks, all construction personnel to overcome the high altitude, short duration, sandstorms and other difficult conditions, adhere to the "time is the victory, the quality is the life of the building concept, according to time, quality, integrity, responsibility four rigid target, scientific planning, careful organization, strict management to overcome the difficulties, after a short period of three years, the successful completion of the construction tasks. In particular, the construction of the use of a number of advanced green high-end concept, was the Northwest Civil Aviation Authority, party secretary Chai Duoshan evaluation: "a bright star in the Qaidam basin." Now, a green airport modernization stands in the top of Gobi, Qinghai province has become the only one in the northwest region, "12th Five-Year" during the planning, approval, construction, construction, and successful completion of the airport project, create a new domestic regional airport construction speed, and the performance of the new construction project of Qinghai Tibet plateau.

the plug wings to take off

the Qaidam circular economy pilot area is located in the northwest of the province, the center is located in Gansu, Qinghai, rendezvous, Tibet four provinces of the new subject, as known to the world in the Qaidam Basin, an area of 256 thousand square kilometers, is 20;

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