Everyone knowing the law abiding Xining Judicial Bureau set up the concept of legal system to safegu

Xining Municipal Bureau of justice functions is the legal service to the society, so that everyone understand the law, law-abiding, provide legal protection and legal publicity for the construction of a harmonious society. Since 2004, the Municipal Bureau of justice to determine the "law and peer" as the service brand, refining the establishment of the legal concept, advocating the spirit of the rule of law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, the building of a harmonious society.

in the creation of the activities, the city Bureau of justice to create service brand activities and legal advocacy, legal services, grassroots and other work together to promote economic development and social harmony and stability in Xining. The city law firms, notary offices, grassroots legal services and legal aid institutions continue to expand service areas, improve service, improve service quality, optimize the incentive mechanism of the competition, so do the number of cases, case handling quality and service level has been raised. The firm handled a total of 1794 lawsuits, as legal persons and citizens to claim back pay, arrears 3 million 117 thousand yuan; the City Notary Office handled notarization matters 6158; the city’s legal aid agencies for assistance in 284 cases; the city’s mediation organizations for mediation of civil disputes 9829. City mediation center to participate in letters and visits to solve conflicts and disputes 83 more than 420 people. The city’s grassroots judicial and judicial assistants to assist the grass-roots government mediation of social contradictions in 2905, stop the group calls 40, stop the group fights 12, resettlement organizations received a total return emancipist 390, and 274.

through the brand building activities, the city’s judicial work has made remarkable achievements, has won the "National People’s mediation work advanced unit", "national legal aid work advanced unit", "national legal publicity and education advanced city" and other advanced honors. (author: Cao Xiao)


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