Huangzhong preferential policies to support farmhouse

to further enhance the farm level, Huangzhong County Local Taxation Bureau by the preferential tax policies of the state and province, city, and vigorously support the lushaer town area farmhouse characteristic economy development.

It is reported that the Bureau in

, fewer personnel, area wide, difficult to manage the situation, dispatched personnel to conduct a special inspection of 82 farmhouse and preferential tax policy propaganda, scale of operation, good reputation in the customer business households, give a care in the invoice purchase and other work, and contact the installation of tax control machine. For the new account in the process of tax registration and invoice purchase procedures, etc., as far as possible to simplify procedures, shorten the waiting time. Through the tireless efforts of staff and management, lushaer town area farmhouse increased 400 thousand yuan of tax revenue for the local, business households have a good income, not only to support the development of local economy, but also to nearly 500 people created employment opportunities. (author: Ding Chen Yudong)

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