Taking the first granted to rank people work to strengthen our province

recently, the provincial public security department issued a notice, asked the province’s public security organs at all levels shall earnestly implement the policy of ruling, and strengthen the management of police work, taking the "people", promote the standardization construction team.


notification requirements, to implement the reform of public security, public security organs organization, improve the optimization of the preparation of the special public security effectiveness of spirit, give full play to the police work granted the first important role of "people" and the standardization construction of police force in the strict, public security organs at all levels should further regulate the province’s public security special preparation of unified management, strict security "import", not free people, free of misappropriation of public security special preparation. The preparation of the new year and the emergence of natural attrition, as well as empty, must be included in the year recruiting plan, the provincial Civil Service Bureau, the Provincial Public Security Bureau unified organization for social recruiting. Standard procedures for examination and approval in personnel, due to work needs from other administrative organs in special professional personnel, shall be transferred to ensure objects with civil servants, in line with the premise of the relevant conditions in the police occupation, the Political Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau in accordance with the requirements of the Political Department of the provincial public security department procedures for examination and approval, shall not be transferred without authorization required transferred without the consent of the audit procedures, not award rank. To further improve the rank of approval for timeliness, each unit will be on the alert with quarterly staff for publicity in the public security network, solicit the views of discipline inspection departments after the political department submitted to the provincial public security department, the area regularly informed late, not reported, misstatement rank about the situation, and according to the briefing after the corresponding performance evaluation score.


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