Xining City ntermediate People’s court held seminar views

recently, the Xining City Intermediate People’s court held career outlook, work values, outlook on the "three" theme practice seminars, director, Department of history building municipal Party invited senior lecturer Wang Mingxia lectures.

Wang Mingxia

"to establish the correct career outlook, outlook, outlook to strengthen party spirit", through a large number of examples vividly on the development to establish and adhere to the correct "through" theme practice activities of the background, significance, analysis of the existing "three views" leading cadres in the current problems, the focus from four aspects to explain how to firmly establish and adhere to the correct career outlook, outlook, political outlook, the leading cadres must set up the idea of lifelong learning; keep in mind the purpose to establish and adhere to a correct view; seeking truth and pragmatic, establish and adhere to the correct concept of work; to strengthen the responsibility to establish and adhere to the correct the concept of performance requirements, the intrinsic link between the listener to "three" connotation and mutual have further understanding, fully aware of the implementation of the new "three Concept is placed in front of the city’s courts each party members and cadres of the new topic. Only to strengthen learning, adhere to governing for the people, to enforce the law, strict self-discipline, fair and honest to the tree upright, truly for the people of good service, good right.


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