Xining Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out special inspections of elevator safety

recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision timely deployment, the establishment of the East, north of the city, the city, the west 4 special inspection teams to deploy the overall staff assigned to the inspection teams to carry out special inspections of elevators.

it is understood that the 4 special inspection group of Xining city will use all elevator units one by one according to law to conduct a comprehensive inspection, inspection group in accordance with the Xining municipal safety committee requirements, to further improve the elevator dynamic safety supervision system, strengthen the administrative law enforcement and legal advocacy efforts to promote the construction of the elevator safety responsibility system. At the same time, the use of units to further implement the safety responsibility, to prevent undocumented, unlicensed operation and the use of ultra inspection period and refused to carry out safety inspection instruction and other illegal activities, and requests the elevator maintenance unit of elevator maintenance to carefully check the elevator maintenance, eliminate safety hazards, to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, safeguard the people’s the safety of life and property. (author: Ma Juan)



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