West Tim 12 electric vehicles patrol

Recently, 12 new urban electric motorcycle patrol car in the West District streets debut. It is reported that all electric motorcycles all through a unified spray, the front has a more eye-catching administrative law enforcement logo, so as to the law enforcement patrol car, greatly improving the efficiency. West district population is more intensive, easy to form a number of violations of the law, found more difficult. While relying solely on the current vehicle inspections, law enforcement officers on foot patrol, has been unable to meet the needs of the current point of view, inspections, etc.. In order to further strengthen the mobile enforcement team’s ability to adapt to the city management, features continue to extend to alleyways, make inspections leaving no blind spots, do city management work fast, mobile and flexible, the west area of self financing 6 yuan, the purchase of electric motorcycles and 12 cars, have been allotted to each squadron law enforcement work the hands of staff. Law enforcement electric motorcycle new equipment will replace part of the task, on foot patrol car, with a flexible and convenient features, can be the first time arrived at the scene for disposal, especially suitable for narrow alleys, traffic intensive focus on regional and personnel intensive areas, the initial realization of the area inspection form diversification, the disposal illegal and emergency work quickly.  

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