Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics to promote the construction of the basic unit directory manage


    Xining city to promote the basic units database construction and management work to a new level, the city Bureau of statistics in October 21st 2011 held the basic units database work, "three" enterprise approval process and procedure training work meeting. Municipal Bureau of statistics Shen Hongliang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Shen Hongliang pointed out that the construction of the basic unit directory database as the statistical system, the four projects, the first, has an important basic role. The Statistics Bureau of the district leadership to further enhance their understanding, attention, clear the important responsibilities in strengthening the construction of basic units database capacity, strengthen communication and coordination, be professional cohesion, vertical linkage, cooperate, to overcome the heavy task, workers less difficult to ensure that the directory "not leak", accurate and timely". The meeting was informed on the 2011 list of library work in the first half to complete the main index verification and "three" enterprises, the National Bureau of Statistics Office of learning "on the 2011 and 2012" three "enterprises and real estate development enterprises in the relevant examination and approval notice" the spirit of new and old industry conversion processing, arrangements for the deployment of basic the recent work units database, training the directory management system data processing program. The County Bureau of statistics leadership, engaged in the work of the directory of the construction of the backbone of the library and the Bureau of the relevant professionals on the list of key points of the work of the library to discuss the exchange, to solve the practical problems in the work.


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