Representative of the Western District condolences model workers

District model workers at all levels of the district government is a valuable asset, but also a model of society, the elite of the enterprise, the whole society should carry forward the model workers selfless dedication, love and dedication spirit. May day is approaching, the west district party secretary Wu Tianxiao and his party with flowers, condolences to the gold medal area representative.

at the provincial level, the old model workers Dong Guifang home, Wu Tianxiao took her hand and asked the elderly after retirement, see the district leaders to visit his excited Dong Guifang. Dong Guifang was a teacher of Victory Road West District primary school, ten years, work silently, cultivate excellent students and a number have both ability and political integrity made outstanding contributions to the development of education in the West area. Subsequently, Wu Tianxiao and his party came to the level of the model workers in the home of the Wu Tianxiao, and the elderly cordial exchanges with her, listening to her talk about the hard work and work experience in the past through the past, and then, in the past, she was able to talk about the work of the people in the past. Ren is very grateful to the party and the government’s concern for the model workers. She said that life is now very good very substantial, after retirement, in addition to enjoy the fun of life, but also often participate in community activities, to make a contribution to society. Ren Liqin said she would also like to maintain the glorious tradition of model workers, continue to play the waste heat, contribute more to society.

in order to express the concern of model workers caring, in recent years, the west area in addition to overshlog workers allowance paid work, also actively organized a series of activities, is difficult to apply for helping gold and the spring festival life difficult for all workers condolences. At the same time, the organization of the model workers to carry out tourism learning activities, the model workers held a forum, etc., a lot of care for model workers, so that the model workers feel the warmth of the party and the government.  

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