Xining west police winter special rectification rectification

from December until the end of February next year, according to the plan, Xining City Public Security Bureau will continue to carry out winter social security governance special action for the area, people from all walks of life to celebrate the "2" to create a good social security environment.

It is reported that

, to ensure that the special action to carry out solid and effective, targeted west police will organize some targeted, quick crackdown, increase efforts to crack down on the "Pirates" multiple crimes, especially for burglary, robbery, robbery, and other large blackmail and impose exactions on motor vehicles masses of usurpation cases. Crack down on serious criminal violence crime, economic crime, increase the "four black four pests" special action, firearms and explosive, disorderly regions control efforts, to further promote the "anti pornography" action, vigorously carry out network related crime clues combing and combat operations, and further enhance the people’s sense of security.

at the same time, west of the city police will be combined with local conditions and winter order characteristics, adhere to the special treatment and integrated prevention and control organically, further adjustment of police deployed to strengthen the security management and control, we must implement measures to fight anti control, investigation, concentration and control the security areas and serious public security issues, to carry out patrol work will patrol the police and the prevention and treatment team to organize forces in accordance with the "day to see the police, night lights", to maximize Tun police street, see alarm rate increase, all-weather, full coverage of security patrols, residential areas, public places and complex downtown district, suburban area of multiple effective cases control, to find and dispose of public security issues, the fight against the current criminal law, and effectively found in the early, prevention first, Disposal in small. In the west of the city to set up a winter security rectification action climax, enhance the sense of security of the residents, for the upcoming new year’s day, the Spring Festival to create a harmonious and stable social security environment. (author: Xiao Shu Liu Rong)


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