Household electricity consumption greater contribution to the largest

Electromagnetic oven, electric rice cooker, electric water heater, electric heating…… With the improvement of the income level, the life of the residents in Xining has been gradually realized electrification, a variety of household appliances make the residents of electricity consumption growth. According to the National Bureau of Statistics survey team in Xining survey shows that the first 9 months, Xining residents per capita electricity consumption was 346.69 degrees, an increase of 46.47 degrees, an increase of 15.5%.

survey data show that: in the first 9 months, Xining residents per capita water and fuel and other expenses of $381.45, an increase of 13.8%, accounting for consumer spending of 5.1%, residents of energy conservation. At present, family life appliances make residential electricity consumption increased, the current Xining City family per hundred households owning a washing machine 97, unchanged from the same period last year, with 107.67 color TV sets, an increase of 1.9%; with 96 refrigerators, an increase of 2.1%; with computer 49.67 units, an increase of 6.4%; the microwave oven has 54.3, unchanged from the same period last year have a shower water heater; 49, growth of 1.4%. The popularity of household appliances, so that residents electricity consumption increased.

natural gas is more acceptable to the people. 9 months ago, Xining city residents per capita consumption of natural gas 33.62 cubic meters, an increase of 16.3%, liquefied petroleum gas (gas tank) per capita consumption of 2.02 kg, down 1.5%, with the speeding up of city infrastructure construction and residents to improve housing conditions, the energy consumption of city residents will change greatly. At the same time, in recent years, with the rapid pace of household cars into the family, Xining residents of the family car fuel consumption from scratch showed an increasing trend year by year. The first 9 months, Xining residents of other fuel costs per capita expenditure of $0.97, an increase of 10.2%. (author: Xiao Yan)


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