Huangyuan sells vegetables for farmers

Some time ago, Huangyuan County farmers Si Zhai Xiang leaf spinach sales encounter difficult problems, the county actively take measures, tracking reports, by contacting the county television online supply and demand information and other means to appeal to the community concerned, and timely with the Department of agriculture responsible for communication and coordination, visited the Bay Village spinach cultivation Siza large, is a special research on how to open up sales channels for farmers to expand sales of vegetables. It is understood that the Huangyuan County into Lanzhou market research organization dedicated the sale of spinach has to Lanzhou city Zhang Sutan, Mount Daqing two large vegetable wholesale market wholesalers and docking, through the sale of food merchants ", so that the villagers of marketing from the initial home dish to wait for vendors in line with the market, reduce the intermediate links, open up sales channels. The county does not rely on, take the initiative to take effective measures to help farmers get through the vegetable sales channels, by the masses alike. Up to now, the sale of the temple Xiang spinach smooth, spinach also increased from the original 0.5 yuan per kilogram to $1.5, high-quality spinach has been sold to Lanzhou, Xi’an and other places.  

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